Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore, Maryland

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The Vascular Center at Mercy - Baltimore, MD
Paul Lucas, M.D.

A 2019 TOP DOC
Dr. Paul Lucas, Director of The Vascular Center at Mercy, leads a clinical team providing diagnosis and treatment for circulatory problems, including aneurysm, stroke, swelling of the leg and blockages.

Specialty: Vascular Surgery

Spotlight On Mercy

The Maryland Bariatric Center at Mercy - Baltimore, MD
Bariatric Center

The Maryland Bariatric Center at Mercy offers patients life-changing surgery to improve their weight management and restore them to a more active, healthier lifestyle. 

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The Breast Center at Mercy
Custom Breast Prosthesis

Mercy Breast Center nurse practitioner, Jean Warner, CRNP, discusses custom breast prosthesis for breast cancer patients.

What's Happening at Mercy

Thomas R. Mullen
Mercy Health Services President & CEO Thomas R. Mullen Announces Pending Retirement

Board of Trustees selects David N. Maine, M.D. as future President & CEO effective July 2020.

Mercy Personal Physicians at Columbia - Columbia, MD
Mercy's Network of Primary/Specialty Care Sites Continues to Grow with Mercy Personal Physicians in Columbia

Providing primary care and award-winning specialty care to the Howard County region, Mercy Personal Physicians at Columbia includes main offices at 6011 University Boulevard, off of Route 100 and Snowden River Parkway, with an additional location at 10700 Charter Drive, in the heart of Columbia.

The Maryland Spine Center at Mercy - Baltimore, MD
Dealing with Spinal Stenosis

There are more than 200,000 cases of spinal stenosis diagnosed every year. It commonly occurs in the neck and lower back. It can put pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves within the spine, causing pain, numbness and weakness.

Ovarian Cancer Institute at Mercy - Baltimore
Why is Ovarian Cancer So Difficult to Diagnose?

A 48-year-old woman is lucky to be alive. The Baltimore native was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer-- a disease known as the silent killer. Now, she's doing well and has a message to share.