Gynecologic Wellness for Adults for Routine Physical Care

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Well-Woman Gynecologic Care at The Institute for Gynecologic Care at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, provides women routine gynecologic care and health education through our experienced team of gynecologists.

About the Condition

Gynecologic wellness for adults refers to the routine physical care of a woman’s reproductive system after her transitional stage of physical maturity known as puberty. Generally, this refers to women reaching the end of their teenage years and older.

Recommendations for Gynecologic Wellness

Gynecologic wellness for adults is focused on prevention and care through routine examinations and education. Patients should see a gynecologist on an annual basis. These annual visits are tailored to fit each woman's individual needs based on age as well as family and personal health history.

Patients who experience abnormal symptoms, such as chronic pelvic pain or an irregular period cycle, or who plan to become pregnant, should schedule an appointment with their gynecologist.
Typical gynecologic examinations for adults may include:

  • Review of your medical history and menstrual cycle
  • Physical exam of the breasts and genital area
  • Pelvic exam including the vagina and cervix

An annual pap smear is recommended for women 21-29, and then every other year (or as often as your doctor recommends) from ages 30 to 64. A pap smear requires a detailed examination of the cervix, known as a colposcopy, in which small biopsies are taken to check for any abnormalities that could lead to cervical cancer. If an abnormality is detected, your gynecologist will follow up with the most appropriate treatment.

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Treatment Options

Scheduling regular visits with your gynecologist is the most important step in maintaining gynecologic wellness. Visits should be completed annually, but may depend on your age and health condition. It is also very important to discuss any changes in your health and lifestyle with your gynecologist.

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