Online Doctor Visits

Telemedicine Offered Across Mercy's Provider Network

Mercy Telemedicine brings convenience and flexibility to your health care — provided by your Mercy doctors, at your location, with no extra cost to you.

Primary care doctors as well as specialists across Mercy's comprehensive network offer telemedicine options for patients.

 Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore, MD

Your Health Care - From the Comfort of Your Location

Learn more about how it workshow to schedule your appointment and how to prepare for your Mercy Telemedicine visit.  

Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore, MD

Request a Mercy Telemedicine Visit

Attend your next doctor visit from the comfort of your home! New patients can use our online form to request a telemedicine appointment. Current patients can request appointments with their doctor through their MyChart account.

Hoffman and Associates - OB-GYNs - Baltimore, MD

Getting Started

Videos, tip sheets and a step-by-step guide - information you need to know to prepare for your telemedicine visit.

Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore, MD


Learn more about Mercy's telemedicine services and how you can meet with your doctor without even coming into the office.